Our Team

The people who power Gain.

Our team is comprised of a diverse mixture of TradFi and DeFi pioneers.
Robert McDonell
Founder & CEO

Founder of Cornerstone Investment Group (2013) and Gain Enterprises (2020). Robert has been a proponent and advisor of blockchain technologies and digital asset investments since 2016.

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Marc Buma

Senior developer and blockchain consultant at his company Bumos. Specialized in full stack (d)app and smart contract development on various blockchain platforms.

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Robert de Groot

Co-Founder of Internet of Coins & Hybrix. Formerly Head of Incubation at Lisk Center Utrecht. Currently Startup Program Manager at Ethereum Swarm. Building blockchain projects since 2013.

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Hunter Douglas Rogers

A professional social media marketer and business development specialist since 2016, Hunter’s passion is educating people on the foreign exchange and cryptocurrency markets.

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Fernando Borea

Fernando, adept in Computer and Data Science, plays a key role in allocating risk and selecting pool managers at Gain. His experience as a quant CTO fuels our innovation, blending technical proficiency with entrepreneurial insight.

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Hector Torres
Chief Legal Officer

Lawyer specialized in Legaltech and Fintech. Hector has worked with various private and public institutions in financial inclusion projects and in the development of new products.

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Luca Cotta
Community Advisor

An early crypto adopter and one of the first Bitcoin users in Italy since 2010. Luca has collaborated with a number of different companies in the crypto space, including strategic consultancy, support, and marketing.

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Klaske Schep
Content Coordinator

Klaske is an experienced writer, editor, and project manager who is fluent in Dutch and English. She has experience with multiple crypto projects involving writing blogs, editing, translating, and SEO.

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Dusan ILic-Miloradovic
Data Analyst

A crypto advocate since 2013. Background in financial management and business development in the supply chain space working with conglomerates such as DHL and FedEx.

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Jana Petkanic
Defi Advisor

Consultant specialized in cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance. Co-founding startups and leading business development for fintech startups, Jana's helped scale up ideas into industry leaders.

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Mauricio Montoya
IT Advisor

As an IT advisor, Mauricio provides strategic advice on how to use technology to achieve goals and improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems in various organizations.

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Nolvia Serrano
Marketing Advisor

Marketing and PR specialist within the banking and investment industry. Nolvia previously held the CMO position for AAVE as well as a PR role for Citibank.

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Armando Umaña
Operations Coordinator

Industrial Engineer and entrepreneur with extensive experience in project leadership in accordance with global standards, financial and operational management. Previously, he has collaborated with global operations companies, providing advice and consulting specialized in analysis and logistics.

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Umar Khattak
Partnerships Advisor

Umar is an Experienced Business Executive and Entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the Financial Services and Renewable Energy Industries. Umar is currently involved in Asset Management, Global Investments, and Securities Exchange.

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Amin Rafiee
Project Advisor

UNESCO award winner and a global Bitcoin and blockchain speaker with a background in product design. A consultant and an advisor within the crypto space since 2013.

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Darren Franceschini
Strategic Advisor

Co-Founder of Fideum Group. 11 years in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

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Tristan Roberts
System Thinker

A researcher focused on regenerative systems. Tristan worked on automating legal processes for entity formation with OpenLaw and Aragon and has been developing a decentralized research framework to validate experimental gene therapies.

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Eliott Teissonniere
Technology Advisor

A mentor at the Berkeley Blockchain Accelerator and an advisor to various crypto and technology startups via his company Nuclei Studio.

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