About Gain

The Gain ecosystem offers a variable return on your ETH and USDC.

This is accomplished by combining the liquidity and scalability of the traditional markets with the scarcity and growth potential of blockchain based assets. We call this, hybrid finance or simply HyFi.
Meet Gain

Hybrid Finance Value Proposition

Gain pioneer’s hybrid finance (HyFi), a unique value proposition that combines the accessibility and transparency of decentralized finance (DeFi) with the scalability and liquidity of traditional finance (TradFi)

DeFi vs Tradfi APY

TradFi platforms usually provide higher yields than DeFi but with unclear risk exposure, exemplified by the losses in Blockfi and Celsius due to undisclosed counterparty risks.

In contrast, Gain emphasizes transparency in profit and loss generation for its pools through third-party audits and detailed reports, blending DeFi and TradFi advantages into a transparent, community-driven approach we call Hybrid Finance (HyFi).

The returns

One can expect from staking ETH or USDC using DeFiprotocols are generally less than what can be expected through staking through a centralized entity, such as a broker or exchange. A good example is ETH staking as a validator node, which has an APY of approximately 5%

Tradional Financial

Centralized financial structures offer more scalability and flexibility than DeFi but face issues like decision-making misalignment, lack of transparency, and obscured investment risks for users.

Gain aims to generate predictable monthly returns for our ecosystem participants, while striking a balance between our centralized and decentralized components.

Our Founding Principles


All token transactions are immutable, making it impossible for any entity to manipulate, replace, or falsify transactional data

Self-Funded/No Venture Capital

The Gain ecosystem was designed to be fair for all participants, regardless of when they join. Typically venture capital firms want a large token allocation in exchange for seed capital, which can create unequitable outcomes between ecosystem participants. This was the primary reason the Gain project was self-funded by the Gain core team members, which protects Gain from being beholden to other entities that may not share the same values and vision as the Gain core team

Validated Multi-Signature Wallets

All digital assent movements to and from the treasury, pool wallet, LP reserve, token vault, brokers and distribution contracts are independently validated by the DAO validator; a third party that is appointed by our community members. Reports are provided via our website on a monthly basis.

Zero Team Pre-mint

5% of the total GAIN and uGAIN tokens are allocated for the Gain core team and Gain treasury. Core team tokens are locked into a fixed rate distribution contract and can only be released into circulation by swapping ETH for GAIN and USDC for uGAIN. This happens gradually as our ecosystem generates revenue through the growth of our pools.